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Ebenezers – Preparing for Things to Get Tough

Let’s face it friends, things get tough. Life happens and sometimes our best laid plans are blown around like the tumbleweeds on the Colorado prairie. I know. I’ve been there. When the strong winds of trouble blow through scrambling and tossing my life, fear creeps in. Often as these times come upon me, I get… Continue reading Ebenezers – Preparing for Things to Get Tough


The Letter that Stole my Joy

Today's post is late. I had it ready, but as I'm still settling into my new job and I was exhausted when I came home last night, so I forgot. But, here it is 🙂 I'm changing up my Saturday schedule a little. With the new job and other things in my life, I'm having… Continue reading The Letter that Stole my Joy

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Elisabeth Elliott

Yesterday morning a great lady passed through the gates of splendor to spend eternity with her Savior. Elisabeth Elliot inspired thousands of Christian women in her lifetime. From everything I’ve read about her, she was an unassuming woman. Her desire was to love the Lord and love people, and she spent a decades doing just… Continue reading Elisabeth Elliott

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What I Remembered this Week

Life is sometimes, well, often, hard. Nothing new there. I’m sure you all know that by now. Yeah, I know, but I’ve been pondering this recently. Okay, so I ponder it a lot. Deep down a part of me really thinks that it should be easy. I’ve had enough hard. I’ve paid my dues. Isn’t… Continue reading What I Remembered this Week

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Turtle Girl: Learning to Give Love to Hurting People

Once there was a girl who had been hurt by one, two, a lot of people. She tried to grow a shell thick as a turtle’s to keep out the hurt, but the hurt lived with her inside the shell.     The hurt mocked and taunted her and she searched for ways to drown… Continue reading Turtle Girl: Learning to Give Love to Hurting People