Your newest adventure pal. (And future best-selling author)

I’m still working on the second part (future bestselling author). But the first part? Absolutely. For so many years I was the person that watched everyone else go on all the adventures. You understand? Then we’re already pals.

What were your dreams, your expectations, your desires?

It hasn’t always turned out like we imagined it would, has it? But that’s okay, because I KNOW God can take our unrealized expectations and turn them into something more powerful, more glorious, more fulfilling than we ever imagined.

And guess what? The world can’t tell us who we are. So let’s go be something tremendous, yes?

Join me, won’t you?



A Few Random Facts About Me

  • Wilson, my cat, ran my household for 14 years and forever changed my life – sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge in Mar 2022
  • I’ve been a storyteller from my earliest years – today I tell stories with data at my day job and then tell stories with words the rest of the time
  • I tend to be quite transparent
  • My quirky side and my serious side are often at war with each other
  • My favorite movies are You’ve Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, Stepmom, and Brigadoon
  • I believe that all of life can be described by a Tom Hanks movie scene
  • For years I said no tattoos, I now have 2