For Three Things Thursday this week:

I’d like to share three things I’ve done over the years that maybe didn’t make sense to many people.

1) Selling my house

Years ago, I bought a little house and settled in for what I thought would be the one I’d own forever. Then a year into the pandemic, it became evident I needed to sell the house. Even with it being almost paid for, a tiny mortgage payment, crazy rent, and new home prices. Regardless, I put the house on the market and moved into an apartment. 

It took ten months, but I found a great house. It has everything I wanted for a price that wouldn’t put me into crazy debt. This house has allowed me to be closer (physically) to my sister. Also, it allowed me to have my dad and his cat move in with me.

That crazy decision makes total sense now.

2) Taking a step down at work

In the past, I held a management role in my company. After about five years, I decided to move into a different position for personal reasons.

Conventional wisdom says it’s never a good idea to move backward in the food chain of your career. Upward is the right path. Those close to me supported my decision. Still, when the news broke, many people around me thought I’d thrown away my career.

Four years later, I’m in a role that I love. In this position, I’ve learned new things about myself. Always a storyteller with words, I now use numbers and spreadsheets to tell stories that help others in the department in their jobs.

3) Moving across the country to start over

I wrote about this on Tuesday; you can read that story here.

Overall these three things worked out in the right way.

Decisions don’t always work out for the best. Sometimes they do. The important thing about these three things is that I took a chance. I don’t regret that.

Let’s chat: What decisions have you made that the world or your friends thought didn’t make sense? How did they turn out?