Ah, remember the excitement of summer break?

I’m not a fan of the heat that comes with it, but something about summer makes me want to find an adventure. And when I say that, I don’t mean travel to Mordor to throw the ring into the fires of Mt Doom, although that might be an exciting journey. It’s more about trying new things and living out some of those dreams I’ve tucked away.

In 2008, I declared it the Year of Living Adventurously, or YOLA. That year I set out to try something new each month. It was a great thing, and even though I didn’t finish each month, I did some fun things and learned a lot about myself.

Here are some things to try this season.

1) Take a class about something you’ve always wanted to learn

For years I’ve been saying I want to try archery. This summer is it, and I’m working on setting up coaching. I worry because I’m not particularly athletic and certainly not very strong right now. However, if I wait until I think I’m ready, the years will go by, and I will still be here where I am.

2) Enjoy your local area

Last year I bought a new house in a neighborhood with many walking trails. Last summer, I enjoyed getting out and exploring. Earlier this year, I pulled my hamstring and haven’t been able to get out much lately. That’s finally healing, and I’m itching to lace up my sneaks and get out there. 

3) Grab some friends and take a day trip

Sometimes we forget that adventure can be found in our own backyard. It could be just visiting a state park to have a picnic and take a hike. Or take in a historical site to learn some history of your state.

Recently I found a map of the US on the web and printed it out so I could color all the states I’ve been to and make plans for those I haven’t. As I colored (there’s a fun activity if you haven’t done that recently!), I realized that despite having lived in this state for the better part of 45 years, there are so many places I’ve never been.

As adults, we may have lost the feeling of wonder

We used to look forward to summer, but because most of us don’t have a break from our daily lives like back then we’ve lost that feeling. Still, we can experience that fun now. We must be a little more creative to work some adventure around our schedule.


Let’s chat: Is there something you’ve wanted to try? What’s stopping you?