On this Three Things Thursday, I want to share what I remembered while on vacation last week.

1) Other people don’t see me as I see myself.

I should know this by now, but I’ve let my self-talk influence my world. My trip combined sightseeing and a writer’s retreat with three friends. During our retreat time, we shared our writing and feedback. Once again, I was surprised by some of the nice things they said about me and my writing. We can get tunnel vision when we focus only on our own thoughts and don’t allow others to speak the truth to us. Often all we can see are the things we’re not good at or have done wrong.

2) Trying something new can be scary and exhilarating at the same time, which I know but tend to forget.

My trip planning started out with the retreat in Lancaster County. When I decided to fly to Philadelphia, I extended my time to explore some of our country’s history.

During my research, I’d read that driving and parking in Philly can be challenging. I decided to get a hotel near the sights I wanted to see so I could explore on foot. Then I realized that many of the hotels didn’t have airport shuttles, so I had to figure out how to travel between the airport and the hotel.

I’ve never used Uber on my own. It made me nervous because of being in a car with a stranger. But that really was the easiest, most economical way, so I bit the bullet and downloaded the app. Using Uber improved my trip, and I had a great experience. The worry didn’t measure up to the experience.

3) Taking things in small steps helps make an overwhelming task more doable.

I’ve been dealing with a hamstring injury that has limited how much walking I can do at one time. My plan for seeing the sights in Philadelphia was to do most of it by walking. I almost gave up the idea of seeing any of the city because of the injury. However, I broke it down into chunks—walked a short distance to a restaurant for breakfast, then went another shorter distance to the Liberty Bell Center. Using this method and resting in between, I could see the significant sights I planned to visit.

These are three things I remembered while on vacation.

Let’s chat: What are three things you need to remember?