When You’re Asking if Winter Will Ever End

Wordless Wednesday - Purple

Aahhh. Spring arrives on Friday. Have you been waiting for it? Seems like these days everyone is enamored of spring and summer, but hate winter. It’s so unfair. Winter has gotten a bad rap.

I can see why people are so in love with the warmer seasons. I mean who doesn’t love green grass, sunny days, blooming flowers? The warmth is all about new birth, renewal, and revival. It’s about bursting forth in new life.

Maybe this is why we celebrate Easter in the spring. Jesus is all about warmth and his rising from the grave is the ultimate bursting forth with new life. The connections between the season and Christ’s rising aren’t lost on me.

I cling to the new life Christ offers with all my might. There are many days when I feel mired in the winter of my own disobedience, so knowing that love and forgiveness are there warms me and makes me want to do cartwheels in the grass.

But I’m reluctant to write off the whole season of winter. Winter, though unpopular, is as important as spring. Those three days that Jesus was in the tomb must have felt a lot like winter. Remember the scenes in Frozen when the storm is raging and it seems the village has been sunk into eternal winter. That’s the way it works when the snow starts flying and the temps drop to single digits. And I think that’s the way it was back in the day. The apostles hid away in some room. Whining about the cold now that Jesus was gone. Thinking they would never be warm again. Realizing how dark the world was without him.

It was there in those three days that they truly knew what they had lost.

Just when it seemed the cold in their bones would never be overcome, Jesus was there. In their midst. No longer dead. Spring had arrived.

Do you ever wonder what the apostles did? Perhaps they celebrated. Patted each other on the back and congratulated each about the new life they now had. They eventually got  down to business. They learned that the winter isn’t the end. Spring comes again. Those apostles moved out to tell people.

We all have to go through winter. It’s part of the growing process. In the midst of winter, it’s easy to forget that Christ has come again, but that’s what’s important. When you’re in the winter of life, the only hope is to cling to life in Christ. He’s the spring that will rescue us from winter.