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Living or Just Being?


Life has been crazy busy lately. A lot of things happening at work, and twice as much happening in my outside work world. Deadlines breathe down my neck. Grocery shopping hasn’t happened much lately. I rush from one thing to the next, and at the end of the day, throw myself into bed hoping to catch enough zzzzzzzzzzzz to do it all again the next day.

In the midst of this, I have an acquaintance who is living with terminal cancer. Kara, in her own words, is fading. Still, she refuses to give up. She’s still living and so she’s going to make the most of what she has with the little energy she has.

Her story is remarkable in that it’s not about her. It’s about Jesus and the love he has for all of us. It’s about her family. And, it’s even about the friends and acquaintances. She has fought hard to make the most of each moment here on earth so that her children and husband will have as many memories to hold on to as possible. In the middle of all of this she points to Jesus.

I call her my friend, even though we barely met before her diagnosis, because this is the kind of person Kara is. When she meets someone, she jumps right in and gets to know them. In the few encounters we had, I felt that she was totally present and focused on me. Kara knows the value of friendship, even with those of us who are really just acquaintances.

Truly, Kara is one of those beautiful souls that has grasped the meaning of living and loving. She has met Jesus in the her life and he has met her. So, when the diagnosis came and the knowledge that she would be leaving those she loves sooner than she’d like, she did what she knew – she grasped a hold of Jesus with one hand and drew her loved ones into an embrace in the other. Kara didn’t let the diagnosis daunt her. She stayed the course to love those God gave her, and everyone she meets, with all her might until her last breath.

Today I woke up tired and cranky because my life has gotten busy and I didn’t get much sleep. I went off to work wishing I could stay in bed.

Today Kara woke up in a hospital bed, separated from the man she loves and has done life with for not enough years because of this bed. She will more than likely spend most of the day in that bed as her loves come to her. Still today, she will minister to not only her inner circle, but to all of us who have been touched by her either in person or through her writing.

As my day winds down and I look forward to sleep, I am thinking of Kara and her family. My prayer is that God holds back the suffering and pain for her, and that he gives these children of his more time with their beloved Kara.

If you’d like to read some of Kara’s story,  visit her blog – Mundane Faithfulness.