Take Me Out to the Ballpark – 5 Life Lessons from Baseball

I Love Me Some Baseball!

It’s March which means that Spring Training Camp is in full swing! Take me out to the ball park, buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don’t care if I ever come back!

While in high school, I joined the baseball team as a manager each spring because I needed something to do in the afternoons and my brother had been a manager, so the coaches knew me. During the afternoons of hauling bats and balls for the team and evenings at the ball field keeping stats, I came to love the sport!

I Love Me Some Baseball!

Today, I thought I’d share some things that baseball can teach you about life.

1) Keep your eye on the ball. When learning to hit, the secret is to watch the ball from the time it leaves the pitcher’s hand until it connects with your bat. In life, in order to get ahead, you need to keep your eye on what’s important. If you lose eye contact, you risk the possibility of missing it. Focus on what’s important.

2) It helps to have coaches to give you advice. In baseball, when the team is at bat, there is usually a coach on the first base and third base sidelines. They’re there to help the runners decide on going ahead or staying put on the base they reach. They watch the whole field so the runner can focus on getting to where he’s going. Having people you trust to help guide your path is helpful in this world.

3) Keep trying. The batter gets 4 balls and 3 strikes before they have to give up. In life, the ability to keep trying despite strikeouts is the key to learning, growing, and being successful.

4) Sometimes it’s okay to bunt. During the course of a game, a batter may choose to bunt in order to sacrifice so a runner can get to home. In life, sometimes it’s good to sacrifice to help someone else advance.

5) Always run home. When you’re out in the world, things can get hectic. Home is the place to be after you’ve made your rounds in the world, always head for home.

Rockford Peaches Outfield

There you have it folks, more to baseball than one would think. And as you go about your day, remember, these words of wisdom from the movie A League of their Own:there’s no crying in baseball!

No Crying In Baseball

 Won’t you join the story? Where have you learned life lessons that you wouldn’t expect to?